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Pairs 2018 info pack and booking forms December 04, 2017
Pairs 2018 info pack and booking form now available - click here to open ... [MORE]

2018 Pairs dates October 24, 2017
Dates for 2018 event confirmed as Friday 14th September to Friday 21st September 2018.  Booking details to be published here in due course. ... [MORE]

2017 winners October 16, 2017
Congratulations to 2017 winners Mike Fox and Chris O'Sullivan - well done lads.  Full results to be posted shortly. ... [MORE]

2017 Pairs itinerary now available here August 08, 2017
2017 Pairs event itinerary available here now. Remember there is also a new length to weight version chart for this years event available here See... [MORE]

**Stop press** new weight to measure conversion chart for 2017 May 04, 2017
As mentioned at last year's presentation we have reviewed the weight to measure conversion used for the Pairs and made a few tweaks which will take ... [MORE]

Invitation to enter 2017 Pairs November 21, 2016
Please find attached info pack and booking form for the 2017 Pairs event.  Nick is now taking bookings with a deposit.  Numbers are restri... [MORE]

Pairs 2017 dates - revised October 24, 2016
Please note revised dates for next year's event (changed as orginal tide information was incorrect).  Registration is now Thursday 21st Septemb... [MORE]

2016 results added October 03, 2016
2016 results have now been added to web site. Have some pictures of winners but if you want to add any please send through to me using contact email... [MORE]

2016 winners!! September 28, 2016
Congratulations to Paul Molyneux and Dave Roe winners of this year's event.  Full report and pics to follow shortly.   ... [MORE]

2016 Pairs Itinerary now available August 20, 2016
Click here to download the itinerary for this year's event.  3 weeks and counting!! ... [MORE]

2016 Pairs dates, info pack and booking details November 01, 2015
Pairs 2016 will take place Friday 16th September to Friday 23rd September - note this is a minor change from dates previously posted on Facebook (th... [MORE]

2015 results and winners gallery now uploaded October 08, 2015
... [MORE]

Stop press - 2015 winners September 28, 2015
Congratulations to Shakey Stevens and Ben Arnold winners of this year's Pairs - full results to be added in due course but see Daiwa Irish Pairs on ... [MORE]

2015 Pairs Info August 31, 2015
See 'Useful Info' page for the itinerary for this years event and update measure and return match rules.   ... [MORE]

Daiwa Pairs now on Facebook!! August 20, 2015
All you Facebookers out there check us out!!  Daiwa Irish Pairs.  ... [MORE]

Bassboots products August 20, 2015
Malcolm from Bassboots will only be bringhing a limited amount of stock to the Pairs with him this year.  If anyone is interested in purchasing... [MORE]

Pairs 2015 bookings - reminder April 30, 2015
For those still to book for this years event please note booking deadlines below: Entry with accomodation requests - 31st May (after this date any ... [MORE]

2015 booking now open January 25, 2015
Info pack and booking form for this year's pairs now available - download here ... [MORE]

Pairs 2014 review now available October 29, 2014
Write up for this year's event and presentation night piccies now uploaded - sorry for delay folks.  You can also click here for a copy of this... [MORE]

2014 Pairs Review October 23, 2014
Having a few technical issues with website at the moment but will get piccies, write up and full results from this year's event up and running asap.... [MORE]

2015 Pairs dates October 11, 2014
Dates for 2015 pairs confirmed as Friday 18th September to Thursday 24th September.  Registration will take place the evening of Thursday 17th ... [MORE]

Pairs 2014 winners October 06, 2014
Congratulations to Colin Carey and Darren Bond from Worthing who won this year's event.  More details to follow shortly. ... [MORE]

Changes to pairs measure and return rules for 2014 August 25, 2014
As mentioned as last year's prize giving, we have considered and agreed a slight change to the measure and return rules for this year's event.  ... [MORE]

Pairs 2014 itinerary available now August 14, 2014
Click here to download the itinerary for this years event. ... [MORE]

9 weeks and weeks and counting!! July 31, 2014
2014 Pairs event getting close now folks - roll on!! Itinerary will be issued in next couple of weeks once Nick has finalised prizes with Daiwa. &n... [MORE]

2014 information pack and entry details now available February 25, 2014
Information and entry details for this year's event can be downloaded here (click link) ... [MORE]

2014 pairs January 26, 2014
Just to let you all know that due to work commitments Nick is running a little later than usual in getting this years booking details sorted.  ... [MORE]

2013 full results spreadsheets October 14, 2013
The full results from this years event can be accessed here (Microsoft Excel required): Overall results Day1 zones Day 2 zones Day 3 zones ... [MORE]

2013 review and results now on website October 08, 2013
... [MORE]

2014 Pairs Dates October 07, 2013
2014 dates have provisionally factored in one extra day in to give us some latitude in case we have weather issues etc.  Would be interested in... [MORE]

2013 winners October 01, 2013
Congratulations to David Falk and Gary Hazelgrove from Brighton who won this year's event.  Well deserved result.  More details to follow ... [MORE]

2013 entry now open February 19, 2013
Entry to this year's event is now open and the information pack and booking details can be downloaded here ... [MORE]

2013 booking information February 05, 2013
Just to let you know that 2013 entry and accomodation details will be available on the website in the next few days. Thanks. ... [MORE]

**Pairs 2013 dates announced** October 14, 2012
Dates for 2013 pairs will be Saturday 21st September to Thursday 26th September, registration on Friday 20th September.  Countdown reset!!... [MORE]

Pairs 2013 dates October 11, 2012
2013 dates just being finalised against tides and will be published here very shortly.  Watch this space!... [MORE]

2012 winners October 06, 2012
Congratulations to Dave Roe and Paul Molyneux who have won this year's event.  Conditions were tough but plenty of fish were caught and the 'crai... [MORE]

Atlantic Tackle in Tralee August 25, 2012
One of our competitors, Chris O\'Sullivan, has recently started a tackle shop in Tralee. Chris is happy to offer a 10% discount to all a... [MORE]

Pairs 2012 entries June 10, 2012
If you are intending to come to this year's event and haven't yet submitted your entry or notified us can you please do so asap.  There are only ... [MORE]

2012 Info Pack and Booking Details February 20, 2012
Info pack and booking details for this year's event can now be downloaded here    ... [MORE]

2012 update February 14, 2012
A belated happy new years to all pairs competitors.  Just a quick note to say that booking details for this year's event will be posted on the we... [MORE]

Great new Irish angling website launched (Ullcatch) October 28, 2011
Our friends and competitors, Eugene Farrelly and Martin McGowan from Tralee have started a great new web-site all about... [MORE]

** PAIRS 2012 DATES ** October 24, 2011
Dates for the 2012 event have now been confirmed.  Matches will take place the week: Saturday 29th September to to Thursday 4th October 2012 ... [MORE]

Pairs 2011 winners October 09, 2011
Congratulations to Darren Bond and Colin Carey of Worthing, West Sussex who won this year's event.  Also congratulations to 'old gits' John R... [MORE]

***2011 itinerary now available*** August 15, 2011
Itinerary for this year's event is now available for download - click on link below.   2011 itinerary   Great news is that D... [MORE]

Bass Boots! July 27, 2011
We have been contacted by Malcolm Scullion of who has very kindly offered to put up a set bespoke bass boots for the... [MORE]

Penn Points June 25, 2011
Please note that the 2011 pairs will once again qualify for Penn Points.  Points will be awarded for the top 3 individuals and zone winners each ... [MORE]

Only a few spaces available!! May 30, 2011
Just to let you know that entries for this year's event are going well and there are only a few spaces left.  Get in their quick!!... [MORE]

Lugworm March 19, 2011
Following discussions with some of the local Kerry anglers that fish the pairs event, it has come to our attention that the lugworm beds on the Di... [MORE]

2011 Info Pack and Booking forms February 06, 2011
See 'Useful Info' page to download/print this years info pack and booking details.  Please note the new rules on vehicle access to beaches wh... [MORE]

2011 Pairs info February 04, 2011
Just to let you all know that Nick will be sending invites out too all previous competitors this weekend and booking details will be posted on the web... [MORE]

***2011 PAIRS*** October 14, 2010
Dates for next years 30th Anniversary Event have now been confirmed.  Matches will take place the week: Saturday 1st October to Thursday... [MORE]

2010 pairs results October 05, 2010
Will update website over next couple of weeks but in the meantime the full results from the event can be accessed here.   2010 prize wi... [MORE]

2010 winners October 03, 2010
Congratulations to Shakey Stevens and Darren Newland who won this year's event.  Full details and results to follow in due course.   ... [MORE]

2010 itinerary now available for download August 18, 2010
All   Please click on the link below to access and download this year's itinerary.  Any problems with this please drop me a line. ... [MORE]

The Tangerine Dream comes true!!! May 23, 2010
Congratulations to the tangerine machine for making the premier league - fantastic achievement and what a day out at Wembley.  Welcome to the... [MORE]

2010 Info Pack and Entry Form now available January 18, 2010
Click here to to download 2010 Info pack and entry forms.  Please note that accommodation booked through Nick this year will run from Friday to F... [MORE]

Pairs 2010 dates ***stop press** December 15, 2009
Due to another major event taking place in Dingle during the 2010 pairs week we have had to make a slight revision to the timetable to ensure that... [MORE]

Bob Moss article on Pairs 2009 November 11, 2009
Click here for a copy of an article Bob Moss has recently published in the Irish angling press about this year's event - good reading and happy me... [MORE]

Pairs 2010 October 15, 2009
Dates for next year's event now confirmed as Saturday 25th September to Friday 1st October 2010.  Countdown set!!... [MORE]

Pairs 2009 pics October 11, 2009
Have added a slideshow to the 2009 write up of all the pictures I have received.  Please send through any more gooduns you have which I can add t... [MORE]

Forum added October 05, 2009
Have now added a forum page so you can submit comments etc to be displayed on the site.  I have led a sheltered life so suitable comments only pl... [MORE]

Pairs 2009 review October 03, 2009
The report on this year's Pairs has now been added.  See link on home page.  Will add pictures of specimen fish caught this year shortly.... [MORE]

Stop press **2009 Winners** September 27, 2009
Many congratulations to Eamonn Fogarty and Paul Whelan from Dublin who won this year's event.  Great effort lads.  Results, write up and pic... [MORE]

Pairs 2009 Itinerary August 02, 2009
The Itinerary for this year's event is now available.  Open up this news story and (click here to download).    Fo... [MORE]

Late entries still available July 08, 2009
Just to let you know that Nick will still be taking entries for this year's event up to early August.  Give him a call or send a message through ... [MORE]

***Warning*** - deadline for securing accomodation March 08, 2009
Please note that if you wish to secure accomodation for this years event at the very favourable rates we have agreed with Trident Homes then your entr... [MORE]

2009 entry details and booking form now available February 08, 2009
Entry details and booking form for this year's event is now available for download/printing.  Please see 'Useful Info' section.  If you have... [MORE]

2009 update January 31, 2009
Details of this year's pairs will be available in the next couple of weeks.  We are just finalising accomodation arrangements and as soon as this... [MORE]

2009 dates announced September 30, 2008
2009 dates confirmed as 20th to 25th September.  Information packs will be sent out to all previous competitors early next year.  If you wan... [MORE]